Posted by: raesalley | October 19, 2006

T13: Reasons to stay in NC

While the Bald One and I have started home searching…I’m still a little hesitant. Yes, homebuying is smart and a good idea and makes you feel like an adult…but there’s a permanence issue with buying a home. If you own it, you can’t just up and leave it. You’re still responsible for it. So that great job that could take me away or the awesome possibility that could come along for him…we’d have to think before we jumped. And that’s the downside of falling in love and making plans. When I moved here, I had nothing to tie me to anywhere as long as I could get to Cleveland for the holidays. Now I have a husband and cats and responsibility. And adding a house to that…well. Seems like another brick in the wall to my wishing to be free-spirited ways. So…trying to make it seem better, a list. Because I’m good at making lists.
13 Reasons to stay in North Carolina

1. Friends Yep, that’s the first reason. Friends. When I moved here, I had ONE – MaTTeD. Then I met his wife, and some of her friends. Then I started dating the Bald One and met his friends. Then I started making connections and friends in the theater community. And since my family isn’t here, the friends are the closest I get to family locally. We’ve partied, we’ve cried at each others weddings, we’ve celebrated babies (well, some of us) and held each others hands at hard times. While I do have friends scattered elsewhere (Philly, Boston, Columbus) and could easily make new elsewhere…I don’t think I want to give this bunch up. And coming in for special occasions just wouldn’t cut it really.

2. The Weather Growing up on Lake Effect Snow, going to school somewhere it snowed from Halloween until Mother’s Day…I’m enjoying the maybe four weeks of snow-like weather here. And the blue skies. I’ve noticed that I spend a lot less time feeling sad or slow because it’s grey and miserable outside. And I kinda like that. Not to mention that while it does get toasty come July…everything is AC.

3. Traveling Where else can you say you’re two hours from the ocean & three hours from the mountains? And live in an actual city?

4. Water babies unite Probably one of the biggest selling points of living out here is being so close to water. Granted there are a bunch of “lakes” around the RDU area…but nothing quite matches the ability to go two hours and play in the ocean. And being this far south (compared to…Maine?) it gets warm just about the time I need a break come April.

5. Fall foilage Nothing is quite so nice as mountains covered in color. See for yourself Bonus: Spring comes early!

6. Distance An ongoing joke is that NC is just the right distance from my family. Far enough away that they can’t just decide to visit for a weekend without some planning, but close enough (due to RDU) that a two hour flight is all that is needed.

7. Theater This is a plus and a minus. I’ve been working in the area for five years now. I’ve not really had to sell myself to get a job. They’ve all just lined up one right after another and I’ve had to turn down work because my schedule is too full. It’s not that there’s a shortage of work. The negative, however, is that there’s a shortage of full-time work.

8. Day job convenience Since I do have to work full time to support my habit, the fact that I can easily find some sort of position is a bonus. That was one thing MaTTeD hadn’t understated when he pitched me this area.

9. D’s job It’s here. And for some sick, sick reason (even though he complains) he really does enjoy working where he does. Nutter.

10. Distance II We’re two hours away from his parents. And unlike my parents who make an effort to come visit (like they are in a few weeks!), his don’t really. So the fact that they’re two hours away means that when we have a weekend day off we can bop on over and see them.

11. Growing community Unlike some places I’ve lived, this city has potential. While other parts of the state are dying (or seem to be) RDU actually feels like it’s changing well with the times. We’ve got shopping, movies, good radio stations…now if we could only get more concerts to swing through.

12. Art while the NC Museum of Art in no way rivals Cleveland’s, the Getty or the Met…it’s actually not too shabby. And it’s a good place for a picnic. There’s also a museum of science, nature…and all kinds of the “cultural” things you should have in a city.

13. Downtown I’ll be the first to admit that compared to real cities, our downtown sucks big hairy ones. But it has a square. And I don’t feel like I’m going to get mugged late at night. And there’s a good Irish pub downtown – complete with fireplace and hard cider on tap. They’re getting some more nightlife, slowly, and are starting to build up things….but until they decide to put a grocery store in nobody’s going to live there. And until they realize that UP is a good direction, we’ll still be a sprawling mess. But it feels nice.

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