Posted by: raesalley | October 26, 2006

13 Reasons to leave sunny Carolina

balancing last week…why I should leave North Carolina…
13 Reasons to leave sunny Carolina

1. Theater I’d like to work full time in theater. I don’t know how possible this is going to be for me here and now.

2. Family As my mother has pointed out on a repeated basis, I live really far away. For them to come visit requires serious amounts of planning.

3. Music I know that the Bald One doesn’t want to live in NYC because he’d go broke trying to go to concerts. However, it would be nice to once again live on the actual tour routes used by a lot of the bands that we like.

4. Big City Fun Other things aren’t quite here yet when it comes to cities and the fun that can be had in them, the occasional really good night out, tall buildings, major sporting teams…

5. Theater II I still think I want to manage a theater. I think I’d have a better chance doing that just about anywhere else in the country than here.

6. Yankee at heart I want my fresh apples picked by me off trees in October, the leaves changing and the crisp air at high school football games, the feeling you get with the first snow of the year and the fresh promise of spring come April. I know we get four seasons here, but there’s something to be said about an even balance.

7. Back end of nowhere we are really, in a way, the last in a lot of things. I can’t get books I should be able to in the library. This makes me sad. I don’t want to have to always buy books.

8. Schools We’re planning on having kids. It would be great to have them go somewhere other than the second worst school in the country.

9. Opportunities It would also be great if we had more possibilities for said non-existant kids to experience life. and fun. and such. Not that being bussed across the county wouldn’t be an opportunity.

10. First run movies I miss them. Much.

11. Shopping While I don’t shop that much, I miss having the large variety of places and fun to go. And small local things. Here, it’s all mid level shopping and one of the really big deals. Which are packed come November.

12. Winter I miss it a little bit. I’d like it more, but still don’t want to deal with it really. So I guess I want to be a hermit in New England?

13. Summer I miss getting to enjoy summer. Here, unless you’re on the ocean, summer means stay inside or in water. I’d like to be able to go biking again.

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