Posted by: raesalley | November 22, 2006

13 reasons NaNoWriMo just isn’t happening

It’s November, and like a fool without a clue I looked at my theater schedule and my life and said “I’ll be a Retail Widow, I can do NaNoWriMo this year” Turns out, not so much. Here’s thirteen reasons…
Why I’m not very far with my NaNoWriMo

1. I’m easily distracted by things like this. It’s almost Giftmas season, and I’m on the hunt for stuff.

2. InterAction is a good thing except for the fact that it makes me busy. Well, insanely busy is a better way to put it. I’m spending my days approving tickets and promoting people’s contacts as we bring a staff of 60 people online. Fun times.

3. Theater I thought I had an open schedule and wasn’t doing much. Then…things happened. Like a week stint at a sound board operator, auditions for a play in June, meetings for a company…and gearing up for tour.

4. Parental Visitation November brings Veteran’s Day…which means my mother has a day off which she decides to come visit me on years we won’t see each other for Thanksgiving. So in she and my father came to see the Monet exhibit and spend time with us. So no work done there.

5. House hunting I’ve spent some quality weekend time looking at houses. Even found one we like enough to make an offer.

6. Sewing machine been found when we reorganized our office to be our office, I was able to put my sewing machine out…which meant I no longer had an excuse not to fix things. Especially since it’s getting colder and I wanted my work pants without side seam splits.

7. Uninspired My brain keeps going in about twenty-seven zillion directions. None of which have anything to do with my plot or characters. And the only one they seem to want to gravitate to are the Wine & Jazz line. Which doesn’t count for NaNoWriMo, since it was started once already.

8. Work is time consuming I spent last weekend – my first free one since November started – half in the computer lab approving tickets. What sucks even more? I don’t get credit for that because I used leave time earlier in the week for a migraine.

9. Must finish series I’m getting to the point in Crown of Stars where things are finally making sense again and falling into the beginning of the end. Hard to want to stop reading.

10. Job Hunt I’ve been looking. And I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on here…since nobody seems to know what might happen. and that’s a distraction from my plot.

11. Unmotivated 50k words seem so far away. Even when you type at the speed of a really good admin.

12. Holidays We’re not hosting Thanksgiving…but we’re going to the in-laws over in Wilmington. I’ll be losing time getting there, lose time cooking stuffing because my husband asked me very nicely to do so and I’ve already made a time consuming (yet delicious!) pumpkin cheesecake.

13. Shopping I need to. Secret Santa ships on the first, other things must be bought and shipped because I have yet to decide if I’m going to spend the holidays in Cleveland at all…and well…shopping sucks at times, especially when you have NO Clue.

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