Posted by: raesalley | November 27, 2006

WW: November Wrap Up

I’ll be getting to these shortly. Promise. Things are a little busy at work.

Voting for your Rights November 14, 2006
Link to CNN story
CNN has an article regarding the woman who is suing to have the pentacle placed on her husbands grave marker. Currently the pentacle is not recognized as an acceptable symbol for headstones, yet Wiccan is considered a valid spiritual practice in the military (I believe), and several islamic symbols have been recently approved for use on headstones. On the bottom left there is a small poll regarding the issue of the pentacle being allowed on headstones, if you are interested in voting (yes!).

The Start November 10, 2006
When did you first realize that the pagan path was for you?

Spiritual Mentors November 1, 2006
Who has been a spiritual mentor for you during your path? If you do not have one (or even if you do), what motivates you to say on your spiritual path?


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