Posted by: raesalley | January 18, 2007

T13: Things Learned While Moving

With this past long weekend, the Bald One & I moved into the new abode. We’re even insane enough to have an open house / housewarming thing on Sunday. Come if you want to see our new place – seriously. I’ll tell you where it is if you leave me a comment and want to know. 🙂 However, moving is a learning experience. Here’s a list of what I learned this time around.
13 Things Learned While Moving

1. Pay the money If at all humanly possible, pay someone else to do it. If you can’t get away with that…well, then keep the next dozen tips in mind.

2. Start getting rid of things early If you haven’t seen it since the last time you moved, you probably don’t really need it. the only excuse – sentimental stuff. The notes your mom left in your lunch bag during elementary school. But you probably don’t want to keep all of them. Maybe. Depends on how nutty you are.

3. Start packing early… I thought I did. Then I realized I really hadn’t. Part of my problem was the holidays were very up in the air and I didn’t know when a lot of things were being done. The other part of the problem is that it’s hard to motivate yourself to take care of things and pack them when deep down you’re hoping the other person will throw it away or freecycle it.

4. …and often Doing a box or three a night is a good idea. Do them during commercials and then you have a set time to get them done and life is good.

5. The bigger the truck… the more stuff you can put in it. However, be careful that you don’t go too big. You don’t want your possessions rattling around like peas. The trouble with big trucks…you hit a certain size you end up with manual transmission. That’s not a big deal if you know how to drive it, but it doesn’t drive like a cute sports car either.

6. Pack light Granted, this might mean more boxes but use some common sense. The heavy things should go in a smaller box, lighter stuff in the big boxes. This is so you can actually lift them both at the beginning and end of the day. Your entire record album collection should not all go in one box unless it’s a small record collection.

7. Plan Ahead You know that you’ll want coffee in the morning after you move. Probably even left-over bagels from the move. So it might be a good idea to have the toaster around and stuff some coffee filters in the coffee maker. An even better idea? make sure you put the coffee WITH the coffee maker. Another plan ahead moment? when you put things like all your chargers in a red box so you won’t forget it…don’t bury the red box under unimportant to move things. You want it still visible.

8. Bribery can work And food/beer is a good bribe. It might not get everybody, but it does win over your hard working friends.

9. Something will break Just hope it isn’t something you can’t live without. We lost a parfait glass. And that’s it. We have two more.

10. Somebody will get hurt So know where the ice is, pain medication and the tums or pepto for the upset stomachs for your crazy friends who will come out even though they’re hungover.

11. Have things left to do Inevitably, someone will be too tired to do another set of stairs. It’s okay to have some things completely not packed so that you can either deal with them later or let this person attack that task. Another good one on the other end of the move? have a staging area. As the little boxes come off, make piles by room. This helps not have a ton of little boxes where you need to put the bookcase…but gets the boxes off the truck and kinda in the right spot.

12. Tranquilizers for the pets. Twenty minute drive across town + two yowling cats = drugs a good idea. Much better than singing to them.

13. Pace yourself Rome wasn’t built in a day and your new place won’t be either. If you can get the bed first and the sound system & kitchen done second you’ll be in a great place to start chipping away at the rest of the stuff.

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