Posted by: raesalley | February 22, 2007

13 priorities

Today’s Thursday….which is my one kick in the butt reminder I have a blog and should post something. You know…this:

But…I’ve been busy. And part of that has been actually laughing at one of the comics in the N&O about “blog babies” – the forgotten generation of children left to the side while their parents post how adorable the kid is. Funny…because you wonder if it might be true for some.

So eh. No long crazy post of thirteen things for me this week. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my plate. Like what you say?
1) day job is kickin my butt. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though – I’m below 3k tickets to clear with the help of my friends. That should be going down about 100-300 a day. At that rate…we’ll be out of that mess sometime in March. Yeah!

2) SRSC/SSDD (aka the gospel play) saw this week the resignation of our director, my dear friend J. What this means is she has a big hole in her schedule, our theatre company (FATE) has the possibility of doing a show then (show #2 and me coming in late to it – eep) It’s also had some fallout as the AD resigned both his AD-ship and his position (one of the lead roles). It’s also possible that another lead will resign, not to mention the fact that the principal role is being replaced with someone else…which might mean fall out of other actors leaving the production. Oh, and the producer has yet to answer a single question concerning replacement of the director, budget, confirmation of rehearsal schedule or space and a half dozen other concerns I have presented her with.

3) an oak tree is doing well. if, by chance, you’re appearing – don’t read the cut. DM is really getting comfortable in her role as the Hypnotist. The few adjustments we’ve made to the script and timing have really started to sink in and quite well. Not to mention, oddly, the Bald One and I might have to have a footnote credit for the sound design. He gave me some suggestions, I went with a few others and I burned a disk to use in rehearsal since we don’t have the sound from NY yet. It’s quite possible some of it will make the show instead of what we’re using. It might be that we’re also going to make the pre-show disk. Good times. For those who don’t know why they just had to jump behind a cut to read that rather boring bit, it’s because the folks appearing in the show are to not do any research or prep before appearing on stage on their given night. Excellent fun. If you’re curious, I could explain more, later.

4) The house is actually feeling like home. I spent Saturday night this past weekend unpacking a bunch of boxes in the purple room. This means that we NEED to buy a shelf or two before comes to visit in a little less than a month. So she has some space to sleep. And the Bald One spent his day off recently sorting through his toy collection and creating a seven page list of things that might go away. Which cracks me up – we finally have more storage space and he’s thinking about de-stuffing. Not that I’m encouraging you to stop, love!


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