Posted by: raesalley | March 7, 2007

I love tech week. It just beats the living crap out of you. *sigh*

So tonight we ran at normal curtain times. My day went like this:
8:00am – Wake up, late. Realize and not care too much. Bargain with pillow for an extra ten minutes. Realize you could get it by offering to buy coffee on your way in for the meeting you will NOW be late for.
8:14am – Drag ass out of bed into shower. Realize in shower that the garbage (which should be out by 7a) isn’t out. Swear loud enough in shower to wake the Bald One. He takes care of the situation.
8:55am – Confirm that darling husband did just that while getting dressed. Lucky for you, you picked out your clothes for the week on Sunday. Get chipper at the sound of the coffee being made.
9:05am – Call boss to confirm lateness and offer bribe.
9:15am – have bribe accepted and take down orders while making round one of coffee for self
9:45am – meeting starts. You’re in traffic about 20 minutes away.
10:10am – show up to meeting with bribe of coffee (round 2 for yourself, plus a lemon poppyseed slice)
11:45am – meeting ends to much rejoicing.
12:45pm – realize you’ve gotten through the things you should have had done by 10am. Realize you now need to go to your coffee/lunch meeting. Realize you’re not at all hungry.
1:55pm – Meeting wraps up having had coffee round 3 and that’s it. Realize you now have no time for lunch because of mountain of work you didn’t finish yesterday.
4:30pm – discover the joys of jello in the fridge that you brought yesterday. Devour with glee while contemplating the pillow-ness of jello.
5:30pm – first alarm goes off reminding you tech call is in an hour. Take a look at the list of accomplished things. Get annoyed that the part time person who’s not in meetings all day got done almost 1.5x as much as you did. Find small satisfaction in crossing a person off the integration list though.
6:15pm – walk out the door, yawning and munching a granola bar. Run into senior vice president and apologize. Blast music in car in effort to gain consciousness. Fail.
6:30pm – blast music louder in theater, and get pre-show check done in record time. Curl up on stool in booth only to realize you have to let people in. Swear.
6:55pm – Play polite with guest actor. Introductions all around and start that phase of the show.
7:45pm – low lighting + bach = thank goodness for uncomfortable chair.
8:17pm – Curtain! something to do!
8:55pm – Find source of snoring is the assistant director, who’s passed out on the couch behind you. Shine light in his eyes in fit of jealousy.
9:30pm – Show goes down. Notes begin. AD begs off the notes (since he didn’t see the show) and gets to go home. You’re left making sure the place stays open. Stare at novel without reading and shiver because the heat is already off for the night.
10:35pm – Call husband as you pull out of the parking lot. Realize oh-shit it’s someone’s birthday (seriously…do people have NOTHING better to do in June than have sex?) Plan to stop at bar as long as someone provides food for you.
11:10pm – Make it to bar. Eat wings. Drink water. Get hugs. Make plans. Eat cheesecake.
11:35pm – Declare intention to go home.
11:45pm – Actually leave.
12:05am – Get home. Feed demanding furry demons threatening to shred pant leg if not satiated immediately.
12:25am – File report from rehearsal. Seriously consider bed. Check rest of email and boards instead. End up typing this out for amusements sake. Get scared.
1:00am – seek bed.


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