Posted by: raesalley | March 15, 2007

T13: Plants!

I get to start gardening now with the whole house thing. So I’m eyeballing plants that I want in the yard…and trying to figure out what to do with some of the mess we’ve inherited. It looks like the front yard has one gigantic island from being formerly a half a dozen trees. We’re hoping to split that in twain and seed the middle of it for grass. We then have three more patches of garden (front of house, side of house & side of porch) as well as a mucky backyard to fix somehow pleasantly. So here’s a list of plants I’ve been eyeballing.
Plant list of Possibilities

1. Forsithya Bright yellow of spring just blooming everywhere. Hard not to like it. It has the plus of being a plant that likes having damp feet…which means it would take advantage of the fact that our backyard drains slower than coffee percolating on a sleepless night’s morning.
2. Pussywillows Another damp-foot loving plant. I’m thinking of switching these with the forsithya along the back line. I’m hoping to get ones that bloom pink, so I’ll have a hideous riot of girly-spring instead of a chain link fence to look at. And maybe it’ll absorb some of the sound of the pups in the back.
3. Japanese Maple It’s a family thing. I just have to figure out where the best place to put one is.
4. Hostas another family plant (actually, there’s a few more coming) but they make excellent ground cover and look nice and are fairly low maintenance. I like low maintenance.
5. Daffodils It’s hard not to like daffodils. They just scream spring. I’m getting happier just driving to work because they’re everywhere on the roadside.
6. Honeysuckle (I’m noticing a theme…I like yellow?) I want to see hummingbirds. Or at least as much as my cats will let me.
7. Holly Bushes Pretty plants with pointy leaves. I have a window facing the street that gets full sun…but it’s our bedroom window. I’d like something that deters the casual browser from getting too close. Plus, if you saw our bedroom you’d see the green/wood/red theme carried in. So someone sitting in the front yard would think it would be all pretty together. Better than the evil bushes from hades that are there currently.
8. Tropicana Roses My favorite rose. Yes, I have a girl inside of me. There’s another type of rose that I love…
9. bicolored roses This isn’t the specific one I was looking for, but it’s close. I love the mix of the creme and pink.
10. Hydrangea The problem with a hydrangea, however, should be evident – they love water. I live in a drought prone area. But they’re pretty…I grew up with them. And they were in my brother & SIL’s wedding.
11. Zinnias Prone to attracting bees, hummingbirds and other wildlife, they also come in a riot of color and bloom mid summer.
12. Mums a very plain flower, but so sweet.
13. Gerber Daisies I’ll make it easy for the Bald One. I wanted to make sure that we get a bouquet of these every year for our anniversary (along with a piece of that decadent cake…) So I figure it’ll be easier if it’s in the yard. Last minuted picking is great. 🙂

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