Posted by: raesalley | April 3, 2007

It’s like Christmas all over agin!

My in-laws came through town today. They had a multi-part mission. First, they had some errands to run for themselves. Then, they needed to see what we’ve done in the past nine weeks or so to the house since they came through the first time. Since then, we’ve added the shelf upstairs for the knick-knacks, finished painting the doors, set up the toy room (when they first came, you couldn’t get in there!), hung a bunch of art, and started yard work. They were highly concerned (well, MIL was) that we’d gone out and bought everything we needed to do yard work. In actuality, we’d only bought a rake, a shovel and a trowel. These all combined to do what we felt was necessary so far – rake the leaves that have been accumulating for six months over the winter, plant seedlings and threaten the hedges with certain death.
While suggesting that they’d come by, they asked “when’s Rae’s birthday again?” to my darling husband…only to discover it was almost a month ago. Whoops. My present? our new lawn mower. I’m oddly excited. The Bald One said he’d attack the lawn tomorrow with it to kill off the weeds to a better height. So tomorrow night, I’ll have an even carpet of weeds. 🙂


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