Posted by: raesalley | April 12, 2007

13 random things found in our office…

As some folks know, my parents are visiting starting tonight. While we’ve been in the house for three months, there are two rooms that look like they haven’t quite been unpacked – the guest room that’s full of knick knacks and the office. So we were trying to make sense of the office last night…and found some very odd ball things.
13 Random Things Found in our Office

1. Seeds At a conference I went to, one of the vendors gave out seeds pressed into paper in the shape of a butterfly (for butterfly attracting flowers) and a moon (night-blooming flowers). I kept these, in the hopes that I’d eventually plant the silly things. They used to be on my desk, then ended up in our office (my desk isn’t in that room). Not sure how, but they’re migrating outside to where our plants are.
2. Clear Tape Not an odd thing in and of itself, but the fact that we have four toss-away dispensers of it and two refillable dispensers makes one pause.
3. Gun parts Not a real gun, mind you. An airsoft gun. It broke when I was borrowing it for a show. The theater paid to replace it, and the Bald One kept the parts of the dead one, thinking he could rebuild it. He gave up, but apparently never tossed the parts.
4. Banjo Pick Neither of us plays banjo. I work at a music festival every year and sometimes these things get left with me.
5. Curtains in progress It’s not completely odd, as my sewing stuff is in this room. The exception is that they were for our apartment. I really don’t even have a window they would work on anymore. Well, maybe the kitchen… Hmm.
6. Picture Hanging Hooks I’m not sure how they migrated into here, as they were still in the pretty, unopened bags they were bought in at some point in their life.
7. Badge & key They’re for my day job. They’re not really supposed to leave my car, but with the car trouble I was having last week I tossed them into a bag, which ended up getting used for something else and the badge & key were left at the bottom of the bag. I couldn’t get into things for about a week and a half now.
8. Noose Yes, as in rope tied around someone’s neck. It’s supposed to be with our Halloween stuff.
9. Pollen Well, it’s spring. And this means that for some complete brain freeze of a moment, we had the windows open in the one room they shouldn’t be. Five guitars + tambouritz + keyboard = not happy with humidity changes.
10. Disco Ball Two, actually. One is a mini one that I got from someone for a show I worked on because she thought everyone needed a little disco. The other is the one that was liberated by the Bald One a number of years ago. It shouldn’t be in this room. I’m not sure where it should be.
11. paystubs from the late 80s The Bald One believed that these were supposed to be kept forever. I explained that no, not really…and that they should be shredded. Somehow, the box of things “to be shredded” instead of getting taken to work, got moved. No idea.
12. Lego Frozen Han He belongs with Slave I…which is … good question. I don’t know where Slave I ended up.
and finally…
13. the floor I haven’t seen it since we moved in. I feel almost accomplished. Except all the dust bunnies now seen…

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