Posted by: raesalley | May 21, 2007

Spala ’07… or, where I’ve been.

This past weekend I had my sort of annual run away with the gals weekend. It was fabulous, as it should be. We laughed, we ate, we drank and had a wonderful time just being together. Full breakdown follows.

Wednesday night I picked up (J) only a little late at RDU and we went back to hang out at my place. Daisy is about the same size of Connie, which makes both of us feel better. 🙂 Lots of hanging out before crashing. I even packed clothes before the morning, so I wasn’t quite last minute for once.

Thursday we hit the road late after hitting Satan’s Kroger for J’s Mike’s stash and some road munchies then it was time to hit the road. We got to the place after L had finally been given the right set of keys, but not in time to help haul things up. Rooms were claimed, Gypsy arrived and we had a Shacktacular dinner before chilling out at the house. All of us crashed really early after traveling all day.

Friday had a lazy start. I took a walk on the beach before breakfast and we all hit our separate showers (yes, there was one bathroom per room, and rooms enough that B & M were the only double up). We got to the airport with plenty of time to pick up first M then the RubyTue and hit the town for lunch at Five Loaves. We then drove a bit over to Market Street, where we discovered the tour we wanted to hit was sold out. But that was good, because the timing wasn’t ideal anyway. We wandered Market which involved RubyTue falling in love with a dress, getting free samples from the candy shops and generally having a good time before wandering over to the carriage tours. We got on the last residential tour of the day and lucked out with Brandon. He got teased a bit for having a group of six women and really didn’t grasp the fact that we didn’t all go to college together. Zig, our horse, was quite relieved to be done and poor J got bit. (Of course you did) Then it was time for dinner and grabbing B from the airport before having another good night back at the house.

Saturday was the low-key hang out on the beach day. RubyTue, B & I headed back in to town to see a woman about a dress…which didn’t quite work out. We did get to grab a beer, walk faster than the frat boys in the car and introduce Beej to pralines. All before dinner. We ate at the flipped Crab House and then spent the last night hanging out at the house again.

Sunday we packed L’s car back up after breakfast and headed out around 1p. We made it back to Raleigh in time for J to have plenty of time to sit and wait.

In case you’re curious, photos.


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