Posted by: raesalley | June 4, 2007

today’s news

Have you ever felt like this?

Think about it… Where do most people turn now to get a complete digest of the world’s events? In the digital age, most people have stopped getting the newspaper delivered to them for perusal with their morning coffee. Some still read them, but usually the online version delivered in digest form for different subjects.

Al Gore, while not a great documentary filmmaker (after all, powerpoint makes boring presentations…why in a movie?), remarked recently that such shows as the Daily Show were better sources of news than the 24 hour news channels (or words to that effect) . And the Daily Show does a great job of pointing out why people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands don’t watch CNN. Nothing better to get information than hour after hour of some overblown blond saying they have no more information than these five minutes.

And aren’t we often told that fewer, well-chosen words get a point across better? Well then.


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