Posted by: raesalley | July 18, 2007

Feeling a little dirty…

Part of the joy of the job hunt is that you get some very odd emails (want to be an Account Executive? have a bank account you can cash checks? Then you’re for us!). Occasionally, you’ll get phone calls as well. I just received one of those from a company called Bankers Life & Casualty.

Oddly, the woman wasn’t put off when I asked for more information about the company saying I’ve seen a few of these insurance/bank companies that just look like well set up pyramid schemes. She gave me the company’s website and told me they’ve been in business for over 120 years and that her father retired from there with over forty years of experience.

Now, she described the job as a management trainee where I’d be overseeing the hiring, training and motivation for sales folks under me and I’d have to do some selling as well. Honestly, I hate selling anything. I feel like I’m telling people to spend money that should be better spent on anything than what I’m telling the to spend it on. Apparently though these are all people directly interested in the product already, so I’d just have to explain the ins and outs and take there money. Sure. Can’t be that easy though.

Oddly, I’m feeling insane enough to want to get out of the house with any excuse that might lead toward employment. I don’t want to hate myself at 5p every day, but I don’t want to not be working much longer. So come Monday morning at 10a, I’ll dress up sharp and go see what the folks at Bankers Life have to say.



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