Posted by: raesalley | July 20, 2007

T13: Geekness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the last Harry Potter novel is hitting the shelves at midnight, tomorrow night. I was chatting before rehearsal last night with the director and we were comparing generational notes. He branded me a geek because the Bald One and I are going to see (finally) HP5 today as a date and we’re probably going to have a tussle come mail on Saturday. In comparing notes with the director, I discovered a few other ways I’m a complete geek. Here’s the highlights.

13 Ways Rae is definitely a Geek

1. Harry Potter This is the most recent clue. We actually own all four director’s cut editions of the movie saga. We also have all of the books out – the only one not in hardback is the first one, and the first & second are the only two not from first printing. I didn’t discover HP until I was teaching as part of my bachelors degree. From there, I was hooked. I got the Bald One hooked pretty quickly in our relationship. I actually took a day off work (well, it was comped, but I scheduled it this way) to read book four when it arrived at my house on a Tuesday (before the same day delivery from Amazon). I know when book five was published because I wasn’t allowed to open the package until after we got home from a wedding – or else we would have never made it. I’m crazy.

2. HP & the Bald One Fun fact – our first real date was to go see the first movie. It had been out for a few months at that point, but I’d been working at the theater and barely had time to do laundry during that show. When the Bald One suggested a movie, it was the only one out that January that I wanted to see. He was hesitant to see a kid’s movie, but that changed pretty quick. That, and the munchkin in our row was highly amusing. Since hen, we’ve watched all of them close to opening together. He even proposed after we caught a very late showing of the fourth one. Yes, we’re geeks.

3. Transformers The last movie the Bald One and I saw together was Bay’s 2.5 hour fest of robotic cars. It was great as long as I didn’t think. And didn’t scary me with its seventies style space suits and crazy music. This past Christmas, the Bald One got the DVD of the 80s version of this movie. Every once in a blue moon we break that out and a few beers and laugh at the animation while loving every second.

4. She-Ra In our purple room, on the shelf of knick-knack glory, one of our friends discovered something he’s been hunting forever – the She-Ra horse in full gear. He almost had a fit wanting to know if I had the She-Ra doll that went with it (I do…somewhere) and wants to know if I would make his day and part with it. As soon as I find She-Ra, I will. Because he honestly is getting more enjoyment out of just the idea than I do of owning her now. But really, I can remember many an afternoon playing with her and my brother’s He-Man collection in our childhood basement.

5. Online Comics I subscribe to a few, and can actually converse intelligently about several. What I didn’t know is how much this stamps me as a geek. Normal people read comics in the paper. I guess I shouldn’t mention the whole comic book collection the Bald One has upstairs that I’ve started getting in to and actually own one.

6. My Little Pony I still have a few, and know their names. Including the special one I had to send off for with my birth-month flower on her butt.

7. Books I read too much, apparently.

8. Library I’ve actually spent most of my employed life working in a library. When I wasn’t in a library for work, I’ve been known to spend time in them finding new things to read that aren’t worthy of being kept forever.

9. Computers My dad bought our family an Apple IIC shortly after they had come in to existence. I learned how to type before I left elementary school. I learned how to play with MS Office Suite early and adapt pretty quickly to whatever software I’m learning because of this. Imagine my surprise to find out most the admins I’ve worked with aren’t as fast as typers as I am or know the software as well as they should. I was shocked…but have stopped being that way for a while. They’re a tool that make my life way too easy – how many people have created referential sheets to figure out household budgets?

10. Marching Band I played piccolo in high school all four years & a year in college. To make matters worse…

11. Show Choir Did this too – as an accompanist.

12. SciFi Channel I’m an addict. I’m looking forward to Torchwood like you can’t believe.

13. Drama Club I spent so much time doing this and having a ball that it’s now what I do as a professional hobby. Rather, I spend too much time at it to be a hobby, but don’t get paid enough to call it a profession. An actress put it this way – “…a real live working professional (actor). Which means I spend all my time working to afford acting.”

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  1. Oh, fun meme. I’m getting much more geaky as I get older. But I’d classify myself more as a dork than geak. lol

    Although I do remember the first computers at school and learning DOS. And when I took computer classes in college it was still DOS. I’m really not that old either. LMAO

  2. fun list! i can relate to some of it – “half a geek” maybe? :o)

    happy belated TT!

  3. Yeah… I can relate to several of these geek qualities. The additional ones for me probably have things to do with a silly amount of knowledge about lighting, audio and photographic gear (plus knowing how to use most of it) as well as random knowledge bits and the third decade of my love for Legos.

  4. I say, embrace the geek. It was a term of endearment in my family. I married a geek and he is way entertaining.

    My father worked in hardware, so we had the Apple (nothing after it, just Apple). I played the xylophone in marching band. 🙂

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