next post – Harry Potter stuff

Here’s the deal, to prevent people for accidentally reading what they don’t – heaven forbid I spoil things for people – the next entry is going to be password protected. If you think hard, you can figure it out.

It’s the title to a song from a musical based on a children’s novel. Two words – but no spaces or punctuation. The item mentioned shows up in all seven of the Harry Potter novels. The song references hazel, unlike the HP novels.


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Escaping the world of children, family obligations, working in a male-dominated field to read about HEA/HFN and hopefully remembering to write about it.

One thought on “next post – Harry Potter stuff”

  1. I never figured that one out! The billions of time I read The Secret Garden, you’d think it would click, eh? Never heard the soundtrack except for a medley I sang in middle school, I think… “High on the hill sits a big old house with something wrong inside it…” Yes?

    I wonder if Jo did that on purpose, the stinker…

    Yep, that’s the musical. Track 17 if you’ve got the CD

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