Posted by: raesalley | July 26, 2007

3 days back?

Courtesy of Simply Living and Lovin’ Laughin’ & Livin’, we bring a fun little meme:

If you could change 3 days in your life what would they be? You cannot bring anybody back from the dead and if you are in a bad marriage, you cannot say the day you were married.

  1. Spring Break. Waiting outside for you wondering where you were before I took off for my six hour drive back to school. I had been running late and couldn’t give you a buzz to let you know because I didn’t want to deal with explaining it to my mother why I was calling you. You were out. I didn’t know and felt completely alienated from you. It took a week or three before I could get past it, and some points I don’t think we ever did. However, I don’t think I’d change my life or yours for what we might have had.
  2. Your smile was so lovely, why didn’t we have a drink?
  3. I should have listened. We should have talked. Instead, I listened to him and hid the possibility in favor of popular acceptance.

So what would you do?


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