Posted by: raesalley | August 3, 2007

Connections and Results

With the whole recent fun of being on the search for a new place to while away the daytime hours, I’ve been debating whether to include my theater experience with my regular work experience. The end result of my debate was to list it as a quarter time position which illustrates my seven years experience of project coordinator with various companies. It’s been a tough call, because in some places it could be viewed as me having a life outside of my job that might occasionally conflict with my entire mental capacity being on the job that they would be hiring me for while others would realize it showed me gasp having a life.

Today, I felt vindicated on having it listed with my resume. A week ago I shoved my way into another temp agency for an interview and testing to prove I know what I’m doing. This testing series was actually quite thorough. I still did well, according to the coordinator that is handling my resume. She was going to submit me for two long-term positions and let me know what would happen. I called this past Tuesday and she hadn’t heard anything, but she gave me a buzz today with news before I got a chance to give her a follow up call.

She mentioned that she had heard back from the contact at one of the locations. The name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. She said that in the contact’s email that I came with excellent reviews from the contact’s niece, who I might know. The name finally made sense – the niece was someone I’ve worked with on a show about a year ago. She and I had crossed paths a couple of times as she was one of my “Daddies” in Oak Tree and we’ve seen each other at various theater things.

We’ll see how things go next week. Hopefully this goes somewhere.



  1. […] insane. I had finished a project in my back yard which made me terribly happy. Shortly after, I had an interview, which resulted in a job. Before I started my job I had to take a drug test, get a background check […]

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