Posted by: raesalley | August 4, 2007

Wii-kend Wonderings

Last night we went the .8 miles to S&M’s house. To celebrate the recent ability to flee to a job he might enjoy, they bought a new Wii for themselves. Part of it is also, oddly, because you can actually work up a massive sweat playing this thing and the elliptical is getting boring. But we wandered over and another couple joined us later for some good old fashioned video game fun.

They had nabbed the Sports and Play disks, which are quite fun. Mind you, I’ve never been a video game gal. As a matter of fact, the last time I enjoyed playing video games was on my brothers Nintendo (first generation) and I was shooting ducks and falling into pipes while trying to save the princess. Last night, I had the fun of doing better at bowling than I usually do but still sucking. I made up for it though by shooting par at golf – a feat that surprised the Bald One I’m sure, since he’s the one who actually owns the clubs in the house.

All this fun begs the question though…when are we going to finally invest in one? The Bald One has been lusting for one since he first played Mario Party over at another friends place. They’re too much fun, it’s actually enjoyable to play video games and it might finally help improve my hand eye coordination for something other than typing. I’ll think we’ll worry about that when we’re back to making more than just his salary though.


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