Posted by: raesalley | August 7, 2007

An even dozen…

I’ve done brighter things than this, but it felt really really good to get something concrete done.  This week is scheduled to be a scorcher, and this is when I decide that I’ve gotten the house inside caught up and need to spend more time outside. Brilliant. Yesterday was the coolest day scheduled for this week and that’s the one I spend inside.

Today I decided to tackle some of the yard. I’ve been politely waiting for the Man of the House to mow the lawn for about a week and a half. We had some fairly sweet rain storms about two weeks ago and now it’s been dry…causing serious forest quality in the lawn environment. I figured I haven’t mowed in about a decade, but how hard could it be? It stalled a few times because of the height of the grass and once because it was out of gas, but both the front and back yards have been trimmed to a nice even height. I did leave the weed-whacking for him though…hoping that he feels up to it later once the “excessive heat advisory” ends.

The crazy part of this story is what I did next. Instead of clapping my hands together with a job well done and going off to hit the showers, I decided to try to take care of something that’s been on our to-do list since April…bag the piles of debris in our way back yard. Here’s what it looked like back in April:backyard, 4/07

Since the photo was taken, the greenery around the bench was killed off, as it was nettle. After spraying the yard a few times, we discovered a lot of our yard was weeds. And the past few months we’ve been pulling up the crab grass as it infiltrates things…so we’re starting to feel like we’re getting somewhere.

From the bench to the fence is probably about ten feet, and the lot is eighty feet wide. That entire section was essentially left to its own devices. I’ve seen that work before with yards, like where I grew up. The case here was that the ground was squishy and it was becoming a haven for mosquitoes throughout the spring. We raked all the loose debris into piles and then it really started to rain regularly…which kind of ended our progress in the back. Between the weather and our work schedules, it’s been left alone.

Now half of it is relocated to twelve bags and I even did some sculpting of the dirt so that it might be something resembling a garden eventually. I’m picturing some hostas edging a paving stoned patio amongst the trees, some witch hazel and rose of sharon playing peek-a-boo with azaleas and camellia, maybe some mountain laurel and oak leaf hydrangea with scatterings of beebalm, coralbells, foxglove, hellebore and peonies.

I probably should measure and plan. Tomorrow.



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