Posted by: raesalley | August 9, 2007

Lists and other plans

I texted my brother and SIL today telling them (or one of them) to give me a buzz when they got a moment. Moments later, my brother was calling me saying he had a moment during the dinner rush. Upcoming events being what they are, there was some logistical discussions to be had.

While raking up years of debris in my backyard, I received several phone calls. One of the calls was my father, informing me that one of my aunts had passed away. We knew this was coming and my mother was designated the point person for some of the handling of affairs (as she is one of two siblings in Cleveland, where the burial will take place). As with many events, the Slovenian (might as well be Italian) family blood means a bit of logistical planning goes a far way with family (likely) winging in from every corner of the United States. My uncle and cousin (and her boyfriend) will be staying at my parent’s home, which means I’m staying with my brother. Probably a good thing, as I’m probably the only one who will understand the chaos of young-married folk with two dogs, a cat and a Brit. (Yes, I believe they’re keeping him as a pet – he’s housebroken and everything.)

The reason for talking to my brother was I needed to know if I needed to bring anything. I was reassured that anything I might need that they don’t have other than my own clothes and my toiletries they either have on hand or can borrow if I really need it. We started chit-chatting about life in general and discovered we’re oddly more alike that we really want to admit.  The defining moment was babies.

My brother and SIL have been married about two years longer than us…but are also two and three years younger than I am. Apparently the baby discussion, despite well-meaning suggestions from relatives, has been put on hold until he’s at least thirty. It makes sense, really – she’s about to go back to school for teaching, he’s still figuring out his whole career thing and then she needs to get established teaching before they do the baby-making thing. If they plan it right, my mother should be getting a grandkid from them about the time she’s ready to retire.

There’s also a list of things he has that are projects – like the list for refinishing the pink & black bathroom of my nightmares. I laughed when we talked about all this because I was walking around our first floor of our house and making mental lists: what I needed to pack, what I needed to remember for my interview, paperwork I needed to get in the mail before I left, things to get done before my SIL comes to visit later this month and putting the finishing touches on the summer work list on the fridge. None of this includes some mini-projects like planning the gardens that are going to go in the way-back or my list of how to spend any lottery earnings from a game I don’t play.

Sometimes family traits show up in the strangest places.



  1. I’m happy to know that your teenage angst with brother dearest didn’t last forever.

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