Posted by: raesalley | August 23, 2007

T13: fun times


I’ve started a new job, visited Cleveland and had my SIL in town for a (canceled) concert. Since I’ve been short on blogging time as I adjust to the work schedule, I’m doing a T13 highlights

T13: Highlights Reel (13 days)
Fri 8/10 First ever drug test. Part of a background check, but I’ve never done it before. I got rather annoyed when one of two sites to take it told me I’d have to wait an hour to take it. The other site, closer to home, had no wait.

Sat 8/11 Spent my day running around and doing things on off days because I wasn’t going to be around for the first few days and then I was starting work. Maybe.

Sun 8/12 Drove north in record time (just over 9 hours). Was highly amused by family as they all called to check to see where I was – usually within fifteen minutes of each other. Course, this is normal behavior in my family at mini-crisis times.

Mon 8/13 Spent time hanging with just my SIL for the first time ever. Kind of fun. Got to see some awesome photos of the family growing up

Tues 8/14 Napping in hammocks rocks. Lingerie shopping is not so rocking. Especially when you find out you’ve been wearing the wrong size for a while…by about two steps. Explains a bit.

Wed 8/15 a Z350 can punch up to 60 or 70mph in fourth gear. Fingerprinting is required now for background checks through the state of Ohio.

Thurs 8/16 Fingerprinting isn’t as messy as you think. Expensive heels can actually be worth every penny you spend on them. Ice cream is fabulous with friends.

Fri 8/17 nothing puts you out faster than a cat purring next to you. Especially after driving too many miles

Sat 8/18 being gone a week doesn’t really hurt when your husband isn’t a slob. You just have to vacuum & dust.

Sun 8/19 no matter how often you do it, your brain still won’t let you sleep before your first day of work

Mon 8/20 Safety lectures are fun when you’ve heard several of the points before, are enjoying learning the new standards for a new company. The best moment had to be hearing about “higher security” when you walked in without identification and wandered around before finding someone to point me in the direction needed

Tues 8/21 60mph winds + rain + hail = painful tailgating. Course, it also combined to wreck the stage…which meant no concert last night

Wed 8/22 chocolate is delicious, especially in cake form when you didn’t do any of the work.

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  1. the urge for cute new shoes is stronger than ever! great list! Happy TTing!

  2. Good idea for a TT!

  3. Your husband’s lucky. In my home, I’m the agent of chaos. If I left for a week, I’d come home to a much tidier house…Too right about the first day of work.

  4. Great list! I love the T13 cat button 🙂 Can I copy the button? Lemme know if I can, thanks!

    And your header makes me think of a journey 🙂

    Happy TT!

    copy & save away! I snitched it from the share files on the T13 page when I first started doing this.

  5. Good luck with your new job. 🙂

  6. The “higher security” comment made me snicker. Good luck at the new job!

  7. Oooo, I want expensive cute shoes now too. Good luck with your new job and happy TT!

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