Posted by: raesalley | August 25, 2007

Three days, three events

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are booked with evening commitments of a theater nature. And none of them involve me telling anyone to do anything. Quite liberating.

Last night was opening for Deep Dish’s season opener (welcome to lucky number seven!) – How I Got That Story. I was looking forward to this because one of my favorite actors to watch was playing all the supporting characters. It’s about an embedded journalist in a war-torn country the US is assisting against guerrilla activity as he tries to understand a foreign culture and war. The piece was fun, the ending felt strange – which I think is a problem of the script and not of the direction. The technical elements were wonderful, which is saying much since the sound & lighting were complicated with all the snippets going through. The one criticism I have of the piece has to do with the changes between the snippets…there was either too much or not enough happening and it didn’t feel organized enough to be present but was too obvious to blend away under lighting and music. I guess I’m used to doing too much during those moments that sitting and watching is irritating no matter the length.

Tonight was a celebration for Manbites Dog’s managing director. His birthday is next week, so we “surprised” him by gathering in his lobby and feasting him with food, merriment & a Godzilla pinata. There was copious amounts of food and drink and people. It took me about a half an hour to say goodbye to people to leave. But it was wonderful seeing some faces I hadn’t seen in years and getting the chance to get caught up. The Bald One was missed by this extended family of mine, but they understood being trumped by Pat Benetar.

Tomorrow is the “thank you” celebration called JamborEno. Picnicking in the park, hiking and having a good time hanging out from mid afternoon until the wee hours should be quite lovely. And of course it’ll be Eno-style weather tomorrow as well – hot & humid. The Bald One is coming with me for this party.

It’s weekends like this that remind me why I love this business. The camaraderie and feelings of a second family make the exhaustion and effort all worth it. It’s part of why I stay here instead of going to a bigger market. Sure, I’ll discuss at one why more theaters aren’t doing relevant work instead of picking a show based on someone wanting to perform a part or why can’t we have an actual regional theater in the are at another event. The fleeing of the creative class and its effect on the research industry are not just a good water cooler discussion, it’s a reality here. Unfortunately, we keep ours alive by feeding it the merest scraps. And while we seem to subsist happily on that because we all have each other, wouldn’t it be nice to support not just the emotional needs of the art community but the body and soul needs of its life blood? Too bad we’re all busy having our own little communities instead of banding together…imagine what we could do without the egos in the room.


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