Posted by: raesalley | August 31, 2007

I broke the internet…

Well, our household connection to it anyway. The sequence of events involved a Wii, a WEP password from Hades and me having no patience when it comes to disorder and chaos.


On Sunday, I made my husband a very happy man. First, I let him sleep the good sleep while I spoke with my parents, started laundry and made coffee. Then, once he was up and semi-functional, I flipped through the ads and discovered that Best Buy had a guaranteed 9 Wii game systems in all of their stores. I called the one closest to our abode and discovered that at that second, ninety minutes after opening, they had four left on the floor. That was all it took for the Bald One to finish throwing some clothes on and off we went. Forty minutes later had us back home, finishing our coffee and plugging in the new toy.


For the record, our receiver now has something plugged into every possible spot except the MP3/Alternate Audio jack. And our super-cool surge protector is full.


Once the system was plugged in, the number one driving force for my darling husband was to get the Wii connected to the internet. About a month ago I had finally figured out how to get the router to have 128-bit WEP encryption (meaning really locked) in addition to the limited card access. No freeloaders here. The reason behind this was the fact that all our household information is on the desktop, which is hard cabled to the router. While I’m not cool enough to get it set up as a home network, I didn’t want to chance other people messing with the system.


After a few attempts of adjusting the WEP, allowing access and various yells of “try it now!” I decided to turn off all the WEP encryption and access restrictions to see if maybe the Wii could get online. It did, and I had a happy husband. The downside of this was that my laptop was now very confused and couldn’t connect. I could see the network, but I wasn’t getting an IP address for the laptop. Giving up for the day, I decided to just enjoy our new toy.


Monday came and I went to work and then came home only long enough to go to change for a concert. Tuesday involved meeting friends for drinks & dinner over skeeball and arcade games, getting me home in no mood to argue with the computer. Then rolls around Wednesday and I had no excuses. After dinner and a bit of television, I tried to fix the connection. First tried the standard restart on the laptop, then a disable/enable on the card, which resulted in getting prompted for the new code but not having it work. Then I reset the router. That apparently knocked the modem offline…as I haven’t been able to browse at home since.


I called Daddy last night, which is what every gal does when she’s in trouble, right? He had a few ideas and we got a little frustrated with each other over the long-distance tech support…but in the end I was still broken. I have some suggestions from him as ways to fix things once I get the network working again…so we’ll have to see how that goes.

After seeing the Bulls game tonight I’m going to unplug everything in that room and let it sit overnight. Tomorrow morning, I’ll try going through all the steps in the owner’s manuals one by one until I get things rolling again. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be calling tech support.


So M m’love – your reading is done and at home on a computer that isn’t allowing me to connect and I keep forgetting to drop it on the flash drive and take it to work. Spa & Gate gals, I’m blocked at work so my nightly check-ins are curtailed until this works again. Have a fantastic holiday weekend all…if I don’t get things working again, I’ll check in next week from work.


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