Posted by: raesalley | September 2, 2007

Back again…

The problem seems to have been that my IP address somehow got “stuck” and that doesn’t work with with my ISP. So I needed to reset the modem. Resetting the modem meant that I needed to go through the mystical process of bridging the modem to the router again once we got it restored and functioning. The lovely people at BellSouth’s tech support were quite nice at walking me through the steps of doing all of that. Once the modem was bridged to the router, the router was controlling the home network. And life was kind of beautiful again.

That is, until I tried to use my laptop. The next process kind of went like this:

  1. In router, name home network something other than “Wireless”
  2. Have laptop refresh network to see if laptop sees network
  3. Curse when it doesn’t. Look funny at router to see that yes, it is broadcasting.
  4. Call Tech Support for router and get informed that since my router is out of warranty, they can’t “technically” help me. Unless I give them $50 (minus 50 cents) for a year of support.
  5. Whine that honestly, I’m not looking for them to fix things, I’m asking for a suggestion on why my router can broadcast and my card can see networks but not mine. Get walked through a few steps after much cajoling. None of these work. Thank him for his time.
  6. Go downstairs. Turn on Wii to see if Wii sees network. It does. Get very happy that something sees the network. Read the news on the Wii and play with the forecast.
  7. Go back upstairs. Curse at laptop card.
  8. Remember suddenly that while disable/enable doesn’t seem to make it work that maybe removing the device from the system hardware will make it work.
  9. Do a gig when laptop sees network.
  10. Apply WEP 128-bit encryption on router
  11. Punch in code on laptop and still have laptop online. Dance.
  12. Punch in code on Wii and still have Wii online. Do a bigger dance.

The end result is life is back to normal at the A&Z Abode. The laptop surfing after dinner while getting caught up on TV and spending time with the hubby is back on. The Wii parade is possible (drop me a line if you want our Wii address). And now, back to enjoying a three day weekend.


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