Posted by: raesalley | September 2, 2007

Music madness

How do you find new music?

Let me preface this by saying I get news alerts from my Google Desktop. They jump all over the place because it responds to what I click on and I’m a little varied in my interest. So today’s batch of alerts included a link to the Slashdot post Interesting admissions from the record industry The responses and discussion concerning the post were some of the more interesting content. The most useful to me being the link to the NY Times article The Music Man Anyway. There seem to be some various “well, duh.” points in all of the responses. People don’t buy CDs because you can download/steal/rip from a friend the one or two songs you really like off the album. If the album is good, you go buy it eventually. The other option is people will illegally download an entire album, listen to it and debate then whether to legally buy the one or two tracks they really like or if they should actually buy the album.

Part of the NY Times article talks about how people find music. The consensus seems to be that nobody pays attention to the standard marketing anymore…Rolling Stones, radio, etc. Instead, we seem to get it from each other (word of mouth, iPods) and that’s about it. MySpace & Facebook might both be on their way out – or are on their way out with certain demographics.

But that brought me to the discussion of how do you find new music? For mainstream, I usually end up finding out about it through a radio station (rarely on in my car, but it does happen) or VH1. VH1 is what I put on whenever I’m staying in a hotel or somewhere and I don’t know the radio stations so I have music and news while I get ready in the morning. While in Cleveland, I was introduced to A Fine Frenzy, which I loved enough to buy the single when I got free credits to use on iTunes because we bought the concert tickets through my TicketMaster account. In December, I found Daniel Powter.

The most insane feature of our music collection has to be the fact that the most new albums that are coming into our collection are from events – movies that we saw that we loved the soundtrack (300, Devil’s Rejects) and concerts we’ve worked at or attended (Lennon, Rev. Billy Wirtz, Dar Williams, Phil Lee, The Never). One of his friends has started doing local music promotion, so he gets exposed to lots of groups that way. I get my music exposure from a friend who wants to write for Rolling Stone when he grows up and from working a music festival every year. Over the past year, I can say we have bought probably three CDs that don’t fit that set: Fine Frenzy, Kelly Clarkson’s latest and some rock group (Type O Negative maybe?) that he bought the day it came out.

So, how do you find new music?


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