Posted by: raesalley | September 8, 2007

Sure you don’t want to feed the cats?

Last night the Bald One & I joined a few other friends and went to the L (as in, Lesbian night club). As you might guess and our group being happily married people, we were in the minority. But there was a live band and wall to wall people followed by a great DJ mixing it up past last call. When the lights came on and we were thrown out it should have been a clue that we were out late. Instead, the Bald One & I both played designated less-drunk and drove the two vehicles back to R&T’s place for more drinking, smoking & loud music. Eventually, our host threw us out so he could spend time with his wife who he hadn’t seen most of the week.

We drove the not-much home and dropped off Point-Eight-Mile Mikey at his home before heading to our beds. As we walked in we were met with a chorus of kitties wondering just where the heck we had both been. I asked the Bald One if he cared to feed the demons now, to which I got back “no, it’s not late enough – and they’ll just get me up again at 3:55am. Neither of us looked at a clock.

We brushed teeth, turned out lights & had a bit of conversation. At this point, Gabe (the oldest & ring-leader of the morning food demands) came up and yelled at both of us. When he was chided away, he got on my dresser & started playing with the loose change. “Honey, are you sure you don’t want to feed the cats?”

“yes, dammit – it’s not even 3am” followed by the sounds of him rolling over to look at his alarm clock on the floor “No, it’s just going on four” This exclamation led to my giggling for the next five minutes as he ambled half-blind into the kitchen to feed the cats.

We then slept in gloriously until Noon.


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