Posted by: raesalley | September 15, 2007

party city

We live the life you can only think of at some point in college. Or so I want to tell myself.

In college, I was forever plagued with homework. While we might be able to convince Jules to take a night off from studio and K or I (usually, K…but I tried to take turns) would drink a little less to watch her, we’d hang out in our living room with music or the tv running … or sometimes just being insane talking and playing games. In the back of my mind though was the assignment I should have been reading, the paper I had to write or the scene I needed to rehearse.

It seems like we’re always longing for that next step in life – in school, you want to get old enough to drive, then to graduate high school followed by the “oh shit – I’m in college” moment where you look forward to living off campus, drinking legally (which, is suddenly not as fun as you thought it would be) and getting out on your own. Once you are out on your own, you’re looking for security at work or work that’s meaningful, friends that you think will be there forever with you, and the ability to go have the vacation, the family, the friends you dreamed of. And once you’re there, you’re looking at the next milestone – kids through school, retirement, whatever.

Last night was a good night though. I had gone to work with a touch of trepidation over being on my own (the two women training me were out) and my first yoga class. I made a friend, or at least a potential friend. I won over potential enemies with the power of m&m’s. I had a busy afternoon getting labels done for shipping and playing games with myself to make it go faster. I heard from my brother who might be switching from working at a pizzeria to working for a coffee company which would let him go back to school. I heard from my husband, who’s being asked to transfer stores to help kick ass and take names – which may mean a raise and the ability to have lunch with me occasionally. I got things done just as I wanted to leave work. I got home to a not horrific mess but knew I would be able to have friends over without too much embarrassment.  And we were invited out for dinner by our friends to our hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar – which serves decent food as well as being half-price wine night. The evening ended with us playing games on their Wii and just hanging out before getting to bed at a semi-decent hour.

So why do I want more?



  1. I don’t know. Sounds pretty great to me. 🙂

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