Posted by: raesalley | October 9, 2007

Birthdays can be hazardous

But at least we now know that our trunk is comfy and we’ve refined our list of steps if we ever decide to go to a life of kidnapping and crime.

Yesterday our plans were to clean the house and debate what decorations we need to finish the look of our place for the festivities later this month. Other than that, the only thing we had on our plate was to help our fave Emo Kid celebrate his birthday. At midnight this morning he got older and he was determined to view it through the bottom of a beer glass.

We went, had some dinner and a few drinks and tabbed out. As we signed on the bottom line, the Bald One goes “oh dear, someone just walked in” who then joined us at our table, bought him a drink and proceeded to talk with us. Next thing we know it is way way way too late…and we’re stuck with the Birthday Boy. We also were the good sweet people we are and drove home another friend who had a wheelchair.

This is where things get interesting. We have his car, a cute little Yaris sedan, the two of us, a wheelchair and two friends – one tipsy, one severely intoxicated. The wheelchair doesn’t fit in the trunk with the trunk closing. My husband doesn’t have bungie cables. Birthday Boy decides that he wouldn’t mind riding in the trunk. He falls in while we’re saying “are you sure” and closes himself in. The wheelchair goes in the back seat with its owner. We make it about three blocks before the yelps from the back demanding a stop for purging of alcohol. We went another block or two before the call was heard again.

After that, I rigged the trunk so that the wheelchair could be in the trunk and the trunk was held closed. The drunk Birthday Boy was in the back seat just kind of mumbling away. Eventually we got him home, his friend home and then made it to bed ourselves. I got about three hours of sleep before work.

Thank goodness I only had labels to do this morning


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