Posted by: raesalley | October 17, 2007

and the insanity…

I usually try to have my theater insanity run opposite my work insanity. I figure if I go insane in one place and not the other it’ll mean that I don’t go completely nuts. Since it’s silent as a tomb at work with everyone being away, that must mean I’m about to go crazy at the theater.

Technically, I’m working on two different shows at this time. One I’m doing my usual stage management type fun – Hello Penis. This is a one-week visit from a regular Manbites Dog actor. Should be fun. The other is both hand’s holding pattern. Tomorrow night gets me a stumble-thru for that.

Next weekend will be the insanity though as I go from capital H capital P to lowercase h lowercase p. (No, I didn’t plan that.) HP has closing night the same day as our annual Halloween party. So I’ll be partying light at the pre-cookout and running a show as people start arriving. After strike, I’ll be heading home (and probably picking up some more beer and cruncheros) to watch the silly drunk people in costume play at our place. Early the next morning I’ll be making coffee for anyone around and maybe muffins before heading off to load in hp tires & start fixing the lighting for the new game.

By the time this all clears, I’ll probably get going at work for end-of-year fun. Of course.


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