Posted by: raesalley | October 17, 2007

the quiet…

This week is the big national conference for our workgroup. This means that just about everyone in our office is attending discussions and meeting and 6:30am breakfasts to plot our future. I’m sure they’re having marginal levels of fun and excitement while getting some crazy things planned. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the ramp-up for end of year insanity. Part of it for me is getting a grip on what all is going on at work and figure out my desk. Part of it is getting some things done now that I have access, know what I’m doing, etc.

The quiet is a little unsettling. Granted, my last job was in a library, and you’d think that I’d be totally cool with quiet. The library I worked involved us being a chatty bunch – we’d be checking in with each other, asking questions, or just bopping out to see someone else in the building. Before that was a ridiculous warehouse with fans going constantly – too loud, all the time. Add to that being the back-up receptionist and getting to talk to everyone who called while I was at the desk. Now, there’s three of us around where six times that are chatting right outside the cubicle walls and doors.

The good news is I feel like I’m getting caught up on things. Getting more settled. I’m sure the next several weeks will be insane. Work won’t be insane right away, but between now and mid-November, I have two shows to get up.



  1. Good luck getting settled in. I’m hope you’re enjoying your new job. 🙂

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