Posted by: raesalley | November 1, 2007

T13: Happy November

Welcome to November. I’m blissfully thinking that I’ll be able to take a deep breath and participate in the world at large. But I should know better – holding pattern opens in a week, the Bald One goes to 6 day work weeks, it’s the middle of fourth quarter and tour season is right around the corner. But still…

Why I love November…

1. Fall Unlike the rest of the year, November is when North Carolina pretends to be fall. For a day or two, but it’s there – crisp mornings, cool nights and color changing leaves

2. NaNoWriMo This is where I fool myself into trying to write 50,000 words in thirty days with some loose concept of plot. I’ll be tagging things, if I ever get there.

3. Thanksgiving On odd years (like, say, 2007) the Bald One and I cross our fingers that he’s opening on Wednesday so we’re not driving ten hours in one day. If we’re lucky, we drive up to Anne Arundel County for turkey dinner and all the trimmings at my aunt & uncle’s home. My parents drive down from Cleveland, my cousin & her husband drive up from Florida and we all have a fantastic time. It’s wonderful.

4. Show Break I often try to block out November & December for tour season. Not that we’ve had any times on the road in November, but we have had our brush up rehearsal during it. Which means that usually I have a little bit of a lull here before we jump on the road. This one will be exceptionally nice since it will come after my week stint with Warrior Theater and co-designing lights with both hands.

5. Post Halloween quiet Halloween is a big party week with our friends. The weekend before involves a party at a house – this year was ours and until 4am (before some folks relocated). Then there is the actual day of candy-ing. S&M have been slowly building there house to the point where they had children actually avoid there house with the blood, hanging body parts, spooky music and fog. There was also an evening viewing of the Great Pumpkin. But now….it’s quiet. Blissfully quiet.

6. 4th Quarter I’m working for a Corporation, which means end-of-year wrap-up. November, however, is that nice moment after the “OMG! 4th Quarter!” and before the “December Deadline Doom”

7. Candy Halloween Candy on dirt cheap, Christmas chocolate hitting the shelves…time to get a little well padded for winter. And test your resolve.

8. Sweaters Remember how I mentioned the chilly goodness? THat means I get to break out the big fuzzy sweaters. Cashmere, wool, woven cottons…all piled together in my closet so much of the year get to come out of the cedar and wrap me in their love

9. Snuggling I have a heat-generating hubby – which means that cuddling is banned most of the year unless I want to cuddle a wet sheet. But now with the cold coming and my lack of body-heat means that he can use that heat to keep me warm and I get to snuggle.

10. Fires It’s also cool enough to light the fire in our living room fireplace. Haven’t been able to do that for many many months.

11. Movie Releases Getting ready for the holiday buying spree, a lot of the summer movies hit DVD in November. This means I can finally get to see some of the things I had no intention of spending $8/head to see.

12. Not Christmas Yes, not Christmas. The music has started, the theater shows have kicked in, Trans-Siberian tickets are on sale…yet I don’t have to think too hard about where I’m going to be on the 25th or who is getting what. Sure, I’ll shop during November, but there isn’t the OMG! panic that will start on December First.

13. Fall Back With the longer Daylight Savings, this month gets an extra hour of sleep come Sunday – and I’ll love every second of it.

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  1. I’m so ready for fall this year, but holy hell did it come up on us fast! Where did the year go?

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