Posted by: raesalley | December 3, 2007

Place your bets!

The question is….where is my luggage!

Today was my first day on tour for the season and I was flying out to Kansas City through Chicago O’Hare. The first hour I was in O’Hare, I had three different gates for my flight. At the second one, I got to enjoy my lunch. At the third I finished my book, a magazine and three out of four catalogs. The third was where I found out we were delayed, then canceled. This resulted in a stop in rescheduling while calling to get rescheduled that night. My reschedule put me in four hours after initially planned, changing airlines and going from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. Once arriving at my new gate, I was told I could try to get on the flight that was leaving right now and get in only an hour and a half later than initially planned.

The downside is that my luggage didn’t keep up with me. I didn’t think it would, but I hoped I’d get it tonight. No such luck. My luggage contains the usual items: clothes, toiletries, workout clothes for the fitness center. It also contains a few extras since we’ll be driving back – a few more books (three to be exact), my knitting loop project, the inch thick file of data to be entered and (drumroll please) my leather coat to protect me from the balmy weather we’re supposed to have here

I was originally transfered to a flight that leaves Chicago tomorrow at 9:45am. Here’s hoping that when we finish the show tomorrow morning, I come back to the hotel to clean clothes.


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