Posted by: raesalley | December 6, 2007

home again, home again…

After the exciting travels of this week, I’m facing my last night in a hotel for a bit. Tomorrow morning, I’ll check out of here and DzB and I will begin the leg home. He’s looking forward to several weeks of making his son lunch and I’m looking forward to sleeping with cats.

I have work facing me though. I grabbed the database and promptly did no work for it. Granted, I was hoping I’d be able to but didn’t really know what to expect. Again, we were taken out to lunch and dinner by our handlers for the libraries and had a great time – which meant that my three hours off in between were spent sleeping, playing on email and hitting the gym. We’d get back late enough that we’d crawl into bed and sleep until we had to get up the next morning. So no data entry was done, despite my high hopes.

I also get to look forward to some time with the Bald One. Miracles happened and he was scheduled for a complete weekend off in the middle of the holiday season. Granted, he worked ten days straight to get it and will work another ten straight on the other side, but we have a weekend. There’s cleaning to do, decorating to be done and a tree to be bought. Our first real tree will go up some time this weekend. I’m so excited, I could cry.

My return will also require a trip to the post office. There, I need to buy a box for shipping a secret santa present, stamps for the holiday cards that are forthcoming and ship off a book for some others I’m getting through PaperBackSwap. Unfortunately, this will just increase my book debt of things to be read – I finished only one book this trip. That is, unless you include the audio book that had us spellbound today during the drive. If you ever want to be introduced to many thriller writers download The Chopin Manuscript. Fairly awesome twisty turning book…kept us entertained for the drive.



  1. I’ll have to add that book to my list. I love Audible.

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