Posted by: raesalley | January 11, 2008

Red, red wine…

It’s been a week, and not much has happened. The Bald One got a little older officially yesterday. To celebrate, he was toasted at midnight at his new favorite downtown bar with friends. From there, the toasting continued to include a Kroger run for pizza rolls at 2am and him waking up with sore butt cheek from sleeping on his wallet and a bit of a sore head. We capped the evening with Mexican and him playing many hours of Zelda.

Tonight we had what I was planning on making last night, but he decided that Mexican was what he craved. That made tonight’s dinner pork au poivre with whole wheat rice flavored with garlic and pecan. Since the recipe calls for red wine, I opened up a bottle of Two Tone Cab Sauv for the sauce and poured a glass for myself. I let it sit most of the time, since I’m busy cooking followed by cleaning followed by “oh shit! the sauce!” sorry…that’s the smoke alarm.

Eventually, the Bald One takes a moment from Zelda to nab his plate and returns to the living room. I follow with mine and the glass of wine. Now, when the Wii is in session, the coffee table is pushed against the wall. I usually sit on the couch and he (oddly) prefers the floor. We’ve done this all the time. I put my drink on the arm of the couch. It’s balanced well, and I sip often while I munch my dinner. Unfortunately, we have hovering demons who want to steal our food because I am not feeding them for another half hour.

Then the phone rings, we hand off the phone so my brother can wish belated natal tidings to my husband, I decide to take my dishes to the kitchen. My glass, still holding glorious red wine, gets set on the table where it might be safer than the arm of a couch. Except I’m heading for the kitchen. Followed by two furry demons…one graceful, one who takes out my wine glass.

Red wine looks fabulous on oatmeal colored Berber carpeting. It’s a nice deep purple, actually that looks a little blurred. I wanted to replace the carpeting, but this isn’t quite the way I wanted to do it.



  1. Oh honey! Are you all out of Spot Shot? If anything will work on wine, that will. (And if anything will stop Spot Shot, it’s red wine.) Short of cleaning it, try spilling more in decorative whorls – make it look like you meant it!

  2. Furry little bastards. lol

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