Posted by: raesalley | January 19, 2008


Gypsy wrote eloquently today on dating and the beginning of her relationship with her fiancee. This weekend is similar to the weekend the Bald One and I first met face-to-face.

He and I met online on an off-the-beaten-path dating site. I posted there and found him right around Thanksgiving. I went into tech shortly afterwards and started keeping odd hours. He was working then with a wine distributor and his two days off were the two nights I was guaranteed to be at the theater. Emails were common and conversations were fun.

Then it snowed. Have you ever seen a snow storm in Raleigh? The best time I’ve ever seen was actually three years ago this weekend and resulted in news like this being in the papers and on CNN. We really don’t know how to deal with snow. I had a show that night and I had no problem driving quietly and surely through the snow. My actress was with me, having grown up in Florida and no idea how to drive in this weather. The snow came down all through the show and we ended with a long, quiet drive back home. By the time I got home, it was quite late and I was surprised to see him online.

We spent a long time on instant messenger, then I couldn’t read straight so we moved it to the phone, until we both dozed off.  I figured I had work in the morning and was reassured I’d be able to go back to bed after checking the news at 7am. Sure enough, I did. And that afternoon I ventured out and bought supplies to make spaghetti sauce and other foodstuffs.

We talked again that night, and eventually signed off, thinking about how The Mummy, a movie neither of us had seen all the way through, was going to be on TNT…and I could make pasta. Dinner was excellent, the movie was fun and much snuggling was had.

This weekend we’re due for somewhere between two and ten inches – nobody knows for sure. But six years ago, a January storm got me where I am now – snuggled on a couch with the Bald One.



  1. I hope you got lots of snuggling in. 🙂

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