Posted by: raesalley | January 26, 2008

he might have to die for that

Picture, if you will, a loving couple having a moment in their kitchen. They’re hugging in a moment of affection while preparing dinner for themselves. Dinner is simmering on the stove and they’re goofing off. He lovingly touches her hair at the temple and then stops. He looks carefully at her head. She’s startled and looks at him intently.

BO: Hold on

Rae: What? is something wrong?

BO: I can’t tell. It might be the light.

Rae: (panicking now) What?!?

BO: I think it’s grey.

A battering around his chest and shoulders followed this statement. Yes, I’m going grey. At the temples and scattered throughout. It’s really amusing on some days, I have this grey halo since the lighter my hair is the more it curls. So I have these ringlets on top of grey, followed by a layer of wavy blondish brown, and a heavy weight of light brown and auburn tones.

But it isn’t like he has to point it out



  1. He’s not allowed to comment on your grey until he grows his hair out enough to see his grey. End of story.

  2. Jerkface! lol I’m so going gray. It sucks.

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