Posted by: raesalley | February 2, 2008

Lazy Days

You ever have that desire to do absolutely nothing? Me too.

And luckily, right now, I can actually get away with that. Yes, I have some admin work to do about my show that’s coming up in a few weeks, but that’s pretty much done at this point of the afternoon. I just need to send an email….and done! Needed work is completed. I’m hoping, before the day is out, to have the taxes completed and our laundry/my craft room scrubbed and set up. I’ve got about two hours before the Bald One is off work and I should be able to get all that done in no time flat.

If I get out of this chair, that is.

It was more fun this morning. My alarm went off and I turned it off. I meant to lay back down and stretch out for a few minutes but that turned into two hours. I’m beginning to think that the Bald One and I don’t get enough sleep during our work days and we both end up taking one of our off days and not being useful until afternoon.  My lazy morning consisted of rolling over after those two hours and grabbing my book. The book was finished before I rolled out of bed and returned a call to my dear friend up in Boston. I regaled him with our last two weeks of insanity and heard about him scolding his mother about offering him up as haven from the hospital. I also heard he was contacted about a job here that he had applied for and will have a phone interview sometime this week, likely. Here’s hoping that goes well.



  1. I spent all weekend watching movies and folding laundry. It was rather nice, actually.

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