Posted by: raesalley | February 5, 2008


Just under six months ago I was closing up the MUSE festival for Manbites Dog and calling temporary agencies trying to get placed in a full-time position. I’d tested everywhere and one of the agencies was working on getting my resume in front of a lead that they thought was perfect for me. I’d been unemployed about two months and luckily working in theater most of that time so I wasn’t going insane. I had finished a project in my back yard which made me terribly happy. Shortly after, I had an interview, which resulted in a job. Before I started my job I had to take a drug test, get a background check and elected to attend a double dose of family funerals. I was fortunate enough to see my best friend on the way home to Raleigh for a nice evening of ice cream and resetting to normalcy.

Since all these events, life has gone on fairly normally. Due to me just starting at my job and the Bald One working in retail, holiday time is a tough time to get away. Christmas in Cleveland is going to be celebrated this year in about ten days. My mother, bless her hostess heart, is inviting the full clan to dine while we’re in town. I think that amounts to dinner for sixteen – my branch of the F clan (Z-F), my mother’s brother, his daughter and her three children and the possibility two thirds of the F-Y branch. Number sixteen comes in with my mother’s youngest brother bringing a date.

We (by we, I mean the Z branch of the F clan) are rather confused. The brother that is bringing the date was sedated to make it through his wife’s funeral barely six months prior to this dinner date. My mother is happy he is moving on – it shows that he had a good stable relationship with his dead wife. My brother and I are both of the “okay, whatever” opinion while thinking it shows more about his ability to function as an individual.

Last night, my mother called me to warn me with a baffling development. The “date” is no longer a date, but a fiancée. The date is set for October, with a reception hall and honeymoon already chosen. What all this means is beyond me.



  1. What that says to me is “rebound.” And “doesn’t want to be alone.” But I could be wrong. I hope the dinner goes well.

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