Posted by: raesalley | February 15, 2008

Travel panic

Why is it the night before you’re about to go away somewhere, you realize all the things you have NOT done that you really really feel that you should do…and all of these things seem to have a higher precendence in your brain than doing simple things such as sleep or relax?

It’s Valentine’s day, and for the first time in our entire relationship I have the evening off. To match the astounding surprise of this, my office was quiet as it was a managers meeting day. This means that I was able to clear a few things off my desk, deal with others as they showed up and still find a recipe for fondue for us for dinner this evening.

On my way home, I nabbed the goodies I needed and got to break in my brand new canvas bag at the same time. The Bald One stopped on the way home for sterno since he neglected to get it at work and buy two things I thought we had at home (vinegar and horseradish – who knew we were out? Not me…I don’t use either much). The beef required marinating, so he munched some chips and I finished prepping the dessert half of our meal. Over a leisurely, enjoyable pot of boiling oil we talked like normal human beings. Then we indulged in chocolate fantasies with the perfect size for two people – a pint of strawberries and a mini-cup of pineapple.

Dishes are still in process, as our dishwasher reached capacity before we finished cleaning up. This allowed us to sit and watch Prison Break and digest our delicious dinner. Now we’ve finished that, the dishwasher is done and the clothes are (mostly) packed. But now I’m realizing that the cat litter hasn’t been done. The dishwasher needs to be emptied and filled. We haven’t gotten the key over to our cat sitter yet. My car hasn’t been dropped off for maintenance at the dealer. And worse yet, our iPods aren’t full.

Time never seems enough the night before you fly away.



  1. Have a safe trip!

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