Posted by: raesalley | March 8, 2008

I’ve gone to the fuckit buckit

My brain has been on WTF setting since Sunday. I think it got there on Sunday because it was just such a screwball day. Between getting Bald One up and needing to get other things done but not being able to do so followed by not caring anymore if I got things that I wanted to get done done. Then seeing a very screwball show. I enjoyed it – honest – but the ending tied up a bit too much and the play wasn’t something I would have chosen without knowing someone involved.

But as far as food choices have been, I haven’t cared a bit. Possibly because at the end of the week I will be turning a decade mark, possibly because it’s been such a scrwy week that I haven’t been able to focus…but I’ve seriously gone to the fuckit buckit. Usually a privelege reserved for pregnant women in their last week, the fuckit buckit is where you appear to toss all knowledge of proper diet and nutrition out the window. As of midday yesterday, I was a good forty points over my week’s tolerance level. And then I went to Red Robin to meet former coworkers for drinks and that became dinner. A tower of onion rings, a California chicken burger and garlic fries later and I was a happy girl. Even if I could get no love from my husband with garlic and guacamole breath.

And today is just going to make those numbers all the more thrilling…for I will be joining three other couples for a March babies birthday dinner. We will be feasting at Maggiano’s for super huge Italian dinners, drinks and quite likely shared desserts.


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