Posted by: raesalley | March 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We’re still in drought conditions, so I can’t complain…but it is raining today. Saturdays are my day to be able to work outside and as I stepped outside to trim down my pampas grass it started to pour. Darn weather. But I will take the rain, it gives me a chance to attack inside.

Or rather, get annoyed by a cat who refuses to leave me the f- alone. Stupid cat.

My plan is in the next hour or so before my darling husband gets home to dust and vacuum the downstairs. The theory is that I’ll start passing the bills and the theater stuff upstairs as I work my way in that direction. Once it’s there, I’ll be putting things away on my way and hopefully be able to get everything clean and pretty. This is an idealistic thought, but it’s hopeful.

We’re having folks over tomorrow morning, err afternoon, for brunch. I’ll be making waffles. The Scotch Man will be making cheese biscuits. We’ll probably put the Bald One on sausage/bacon detail again. That leaves Five Diamond to handle the drinks. (I’m tired of using letters. Scotch Man was R and Five Diamond was T – they’re married, and fabulous people.)

Anyway – I should get up and get to it. Dust does not move on its own.


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