Posted by: raesalley | April 2, 2008

2008 – The Year of the Frog

For those of you who’ve met me, I have a thing for frogs. It’s not always the most obvious thing, but it’s something that seeps in to your consciousness after knowing me for a while. There are a few small magnets that I painted in my cube – a gift from my college roommates to keep me entertained before they came back to school. You walk downstairs into our main living area and the fireplace has an octagon of shelves centered on the side wall. The octagon is covered in all kinds of little frogs, from dime-store finds to one of Swarovski crystal. Our bedroom has a large stuffed beanie baby frog name Phoebe that was a gift for my twenty-first birthday and named after the local bar. And I can’t forget to mention Kermit and a good dozen of his fellow stuffed partners in crime hanging out in the spare bedroom.

The most obvious sign I have a thing for frogs is probably the bright green one on my left wrist. He’s been with me now for more than eight years, and I still get people asking me what bar I went to last night. He’s a tattoo; there to hide surgery scars and acting as a talisman against further damage. Just looking at it makes me smile, and thanks to a silly exercise my college senior year, he also relaxes me.

When the Bald One and I first visited the NC Zoological Park, I spent a good chunk of time staring into the little box of the poison arrow tree frogs. I always do. He bought me a pair of frog earrings to go with my obsession. Frogs of all sorts amaze me. I play with the ones that regularly show up in our yard…even going as far as to make sure dishes of water are available or leaving the lid off the jug I keep out there to water my hanging plants. So imagine my surprise at reading the Mini Page this week when it covered the Year of the Frog movement.

Then there was the ad from Clorax saying they are the first major brand supporter of the Year of the Frog. I’ve ripped the ad out and hung it in my cube, facing the hallway where everyone walks by. Courtesy of Amphibian Ark, I’ll also have the “official” Year of the Frog logo right next to it.

I’m also going to call my zoo. And see what else I can do locally to help out. If you’ve never thought about frogs as something other than slimy creatures in your garden…think about the bugs. Frogs help control the bug population in your backyard…and don’t you want to be able to have your cookout fly-free?

What can you do to help?



  1. I think the frog population must be doing just fine here in Florida because they are everywhere.

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