Posted by: raesalley | May 22, 2008

T13: Reasons I’m Working for the Weekend

It’s been one long spring and I’m ready for summer. The past ten weeks have been one of the longest shows I’ve worked on since I left college. We started a week early and this production company likes to run for four weeks instead of the usual three. No biggie, but at this point we’re all looking at each other thinking “done.” Luckily, this one ends on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I’ll have two glorious days where I have no commitments that I don’t make myself. So here’s a list of why I’m counting the minutes to the weekend.

13 Reasons I’m Working for the Weekend

1. Three Day Weekend! Three whole days where I don’t have to go to my little cubicle and listen to other people have conversations I’m not supposed to hear right outside my wall.
2. Closing night Always a great time to reach that point in a show, where you can all look at each other and say “we made it!” This one culminates with a party at Spice Street.
3. Spice Street on a Saturday Throughout this show, we’ve tried to have a drink over at Spice Street and routinely been blocked out by some chickie in some scantily clad yet oh-so-stylish outfit saying “it’s a private party” Once was the annual Latino thing, another time was a white party, and still another was just some odd event where we got no explanation. It’s nice to be on the guest list this time and tell them off.
4. Brunch The world stopped turning and the Bald One and Five Diamond (T) have Sunday and Monday off. This means we’re getting the long awaited brunch. Hopefully with cheese biscuits.
5. 5 hours of BBC I acquired the 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice recently. Part of brunch is going to involve curling up with the hubby and our friends and watching this epic.
6. Gardening! With both of us off, we might actually finish mulching our front flower beds. Will wonders never cease?!?
7. Lazy Monday The other benefit of having both days off with the Bald One, we can be lazy and sleep in on Monday until the indecent hour of 10am.
8. new iPhone (maybe) Mercury went into retrograde and took out my cell phone. This means I lost connection with the world. Today (well, Thursday is almost weekend…) I go to the Genius Bar and if they can’t fix it, I get a new one. Woohoo!
9. new tattoo? I’m hoping to go visit the tattoo parlor and get the one that has been in my head for a while put on my body. It’s going to be a garland of gerber daisies around my ankle.
10. Ez Clean House Having had a “professional” come do the place last weekend means I should be able to rock through cleaning the house this weekend.
11. No more quiet office Things supposedly start to get interesting here after Memorial Day. Growing season kicks in and people start doing things fun.
12. Cheese Biscuits Have I mentioned these enough???
13. Sleep I miss it so. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my bed.

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