Posted by: raesalley | June 2, 2008

To prove my further geekness

Part of the iMac shopping trip netted the Bald One a new Classic iPod, which freed the Nano up for my enjoyment. I did buy one small thing for myself on that trip – the Nike+ sensor toy. I also bought new tennis shoes recently to go with my efforts to de-flab my butt get in shape and attempt to not die the Komen Race. By pure dumb luck, the shoes that I liked and fit the best? Nike+ shoes. Which means my shoes have the nifty hidey-hole for the silly sensor. Score!

Being the great and fabulous wife I am, I didn’t push the Bald One to surrender his Nano immediately last weekend, so I’ve been waiting patiently. This morning, the battery finally started to die on the Nano, which meant he had to bring it in, charge it up and go OR actually set up his new toy. He opted for the latter and I finally got to play with my +toys.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to set everything up – first the nano, then the +toys. But after a brief visit with friends and to buy pretty sparkly things, I got my walk on.

Yes, walk. I’m woefully out of shape and do not have the proper restraints to run. Or even jog. One lap around my neighborhood clocks in around a mile, but I’m not quite calibrated correctly yet…so it added about a fifth to my length. This means I couldn’t pass my high school gym class right now (where we had to do a mile in less than 12 minutes). But I’ll get there. And I have a perky little chick voice cheering me on over my tunes.

After, I did log on to the site, upload my information and then realize I spent more time setting up and tracking my exercise than I did actually exercising. Hopefully that changes. But it does make me a geek.



  1. Fun toys! And good luck getting in shape! I need to do the same.

  2. bwahahahhahahah!!! too bad we don’t live closer; i’d totally be your work-out partner.

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