Posted by: raesalley | June 16, 2008

Race Time!

I haven’t told you how I did on Saturday yet, because I had a fun filled weekend between friends in from out-of-town, the race itself and the show. So here we go….

First off, let me start by saying it is a pain waking up at 6am when everyone in your house is sound asleep and will be for the next several hours. Equally complicated when you know you got to bed way later than you wanted to the previous evening and had enjoyed a touch of alcohol.

Eventually I did get up and to the RBC Center for the shuttle parking. I completely failed at meeting up with my coworker, who’s team I was on for the fundraising and to do this thing. Once on site, I managed to score a bite of breakfast bar & a soda-like tea which served as breakfast before finding the registration tables to get my shirt and my number. After a quick-change I ran into a theater-person I know sitting in one of the lifeguard towers to help people find their way through the sprawling campus of vendors. I did wander quite a bit while waiting for my event to start and trying to find my coworker. The wandering included getting this year’s scarf from Ford’s Warriors, having a bit of bagel from Panera and seeing all kinds of free stuff. The really great score came from one of the local news channels – sunscreen. This is why I shouldn’t do events first thing in the morning!

After trying to unsuccessfully hunt down my coworker, I gave up and lined up for my event. I decided to do the Open 5K, even though she switched to the Open 1mile. One of the coolest moments was being in that starting pack when we’re all told to go and watching the people flow out on to Hillsborough. The joggers weave through the people walking and the strollers bob through the crowds as we all set off on our way. I was using my geek-toy and stepped off to AC/DC’s Back in Black – a great choice for starting! 🙂

Throughout the course were these little stops where residents had put up signs cheering us on. A few houses were out to clap, another had the kids out with super soakers. There were two official water stops in the course and one run by residents. One of the cute things was a house that in the last half-mile had those tall flower water sprinklers set up in a row on their sidewalk.

Then it was all over. I looked appropriately fried for having been walking for an hour. After consuming my orange and two bottles of water, I wandered off to the shuttles back and downed two more bottles before shuttling back, finding my car and blissfully pulling in to Caribou for an Iced Chai Latte and my dry shirt – not to mention a real bathroom. Once home, I cooled off and showered before hitting the Farmer’s Market with Nikolai for lunch at the NC Seafood stand.

PS: In case anyone is curious – this is what my race looks like according to the geek-toy.

PPS: I did make my goal (YEAH!). If anyone still was interested in making a donation, the website is set to take donations through the end of the month. My page is here.


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