Posted by: raesalley | June 26, 2008

Houseguest & the History Channel

Nikolai moved to the Carolinas and is bunking with the Bald One and I until his apartment was found and ready for him to call his. This means that when I get home, my television is set to one of two things – the Wii or the History Channel. Neither bothers me, just amuses me. He does get home way before the Bald One and I make it out of the Park, so he has the run of the entertainment.

Between Nikolai and the Bald One, there have been almost all the tracks in Mario Kart and almost all of the pieces of the LEGO Indiana Jones have been opened up for fun. The crazy-fun part of having Nikolai around is we’re getting a bit of an edjumacashun. He flips on the History Channel any time things can’t be found to entertain him. We’ve learned about subs, boats, all manner of weaponry and the most amusing episode – the making of Wonder Bread. (Side note: Americans eat a lot of white bread.)

I won’t say that this hasn’t been interesting. I’ve been amused at finding what can be found on television, as the Bald One and I are usually too busy to watch anything but our usual shows and get caught up on our Netflix list. I don’t think I even knew we got the History Channel until Nikolai came to stay. It’s also nice to know that our Wii is a great source of entertainment, as the two boys will often double team the games and clear levels in the blink of an eye.

I’ve also discovered that our guest room isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t say it would be more than a week’s stay for normal people, but the futon is apparently comfortable to sleep on, and the room isn’t unbearable. Once the cat-tortured love seat has been removed, the place will be fairly cat free. Nikolai is even allergic and is doing remarkably well between the allergen reduced bedroom and the Dyson-vacuumed household.

But I’ll be happy come Fourth of July has come and gone. I’ll have another Eno under my belt, my house back to just two humans and two days to vacation.


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