Posted by: raesalley | June 27, 2008

Thank goodness, it’s Friday

I don’t have many weeks where I get to the end and truly appreciate the weekend. This week has made me really look forward to two days where I can sit and do not much. And I don’t even have a show to make me long for the weekend more.

This week began with a two half-day meetings and an interview candidate. The half day meetings were for the big guys in our group to put their heads together and get a theory for the rest of this year and start looking at next year. Hard as it is to believe, July is next week. Other than setting these meeting up, I really don’t have much to do with it. The interview was also fairly easy, as the materials for it were distributed on time and everyone knew where to go. The rest of the week had nothing officially scheduled for it as we worked on the notes from the first test round of the new database toy.

Monday included an impromptu show & tell of the new toy to the guys. They had some great feedback and the notes were passed on to the developers, who had questions and I had answers. Tuesday was a little more of the same followed by starting to hunt down a hotel in Vegas. Who knew September was such a hot time in Vegas? The rest of the week is really a blur between finding a hotel, getting some administrative work done and fixing broken things. Yesterday when I got home, I just sat in the chair and stared into space after starting the dinner process. The Bald One took a look at me and finished.

The thing is, I don’t understand why I’m so exhausted. There’s no call for it. Granted, I know I haven’t had much in the way of down time at work as we’re heavy in to the growing season now…but I am used to working and running a show and not being this tired. Just thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow. I’ve got a social fun thing planned midday and have no asperations past getting my house clean again. If I’m really doing well, I might get some weeds pulled and figure out what to do with the large porkchunk in my freezer. The Bald One’ll be home for dinner and we can probably go be social in the evening. Then it will be Sunday for yardwork and laundry before relaxing with mojitos in our friends’ pool and sleep.

Before four more days to do it all over again.



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