Posted by: raesalley | July 12, 2008


I had a coworker laugh at me when I told her the Bald One and I were off to Williamsburg for my three days off. She laughed, swore we’d be bored out of our skulls and wish we’d picked somewhere more fun.

She was wrong.

The Bald One and I did our typical vacation planning. I looked up quickly what could be done in the area. We discussed what, if any, made the must-do list and planned accordingly. We decided separately, meaning no debate required, that we were NOT doing the Busch Gardens/Water USA nonsense. Not that we aren’t amusement park people, just that they’ve jacked the prices and neither of us feel like wandering around to stand in line. The must-do list included a winery, a brewery and getting a couples massage. We like to joke that we drank our way through history.

The first day of our joint vacation, we lazed about most of the morning. We slept in, read the paper and enjoyed carrot cake for breakfast. Then we packed and did various about-to-leave chores which set off the cats in a tizzy. The two ringleaders know our packing styles, know to watch for luggage and somehow know when we’re both taking off. When that happens, we have shadows. No surprise, Gabe got stepped on in the middle of everything. Finally, we did take off with the Bald One doing almost all the driving (as usual) and me manning the music, navigation and finishing off the first book I brought. The hotel was not stunning but not horrid, and we unpacked quickly before getting a suggestion for dinner to an excellent place.

Our first full day had us heading off to Williamsburg Winery for a tour and lunch. [warning: plays music] The tour was fun and full of history of the area and wine-craft. The tasting had us making a friend as we exchanged comments with a woman taking the tour on her own about the wines, alcohol abuse and other fun nonsense. We invited her to join us for lunch when we found out she was dining as well, which led to lots of fun conversation over our sandwich and salads. The above pictured cats were patrolling the area as well, begging for scraps. The one on the right easily spotted us as marks and enjoyed some ham, roast beef and aged cheddar between the Bald One and myself.

After the winery, we drove further to Yorktown. We went in to initially get our stamp and pay our fee, but were lured into a quick tour. Our tour guide was fabulous and had us entertained with her quips of American history, made all the better with a Russian accent. We did hike out to the redoubts & do the driving tour to see Moore House and experience a bit of history before heading on to the RIverwalk Landing. The shops were less than impressive, but fun to walk around before enjoying a bit of Ben & Jerry’s while watching the waves and the sailboats. After a nap, dinner was at the Seafare – minimal choices and the most upscale place that had the standard of under-dressed patrons. I felt bad being there, but we were accosted almost as soon as we went in and told it was “okay” to be in shorts and a tank top. The food wasn’t bad, but didn’t suit the atmosphere.

Friday was our expensive day, as we started at the outlet mall. Granted, we bought things we’ve been debating or needing for a while – the Bald One finally got his Oakleys, I purchased some slip-on shoes for half price when he found his Iron Maiden Vans, there were a few things nabbed for our kitchen and some other little things. Everything else we looked at felt like a bust. From there, we grabbed a quick lunch before our couples massage (which was quite nice) and ran to the Brewery.

Williamsburg AleWerks is a fun little experience. You can tell it is a four-man operation for the laid-back method they dealt with the tour and tasting. Quite fun, on the whole, and we have a little juice glass to prove the experience. Not to mention a growler full of porter that probably won’t last past the next encounter of our friends gathering here. Since this was our last full day here and the historic section was probably now less people-packed, we headed into town for dinner at a place he fondly recalls from his last time in Williamsburg almost two decades ago. Delicious, and we proceeded to walk it off by touring the historic section of town.

Saturday was our day to checkout and after packing the trunk and paying our bill, we grabbed our only good breakfast of the trip. It was worth the wait and kept us going until we had dinner at home. In between, we toured Jamestown NHP, jumping on another tour where we learned about the first water historic trail…which I think is cool as heck and want to take up canoing again. A bit more hiking, getting a new cross stitch and some pins for my hat and we were off for home.

Now it’s time for me to finish laundry, finish a book and call it a night.


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