Posted by: raesalley | July 19, 2008

Small home improvements

A recent round of clearance at the Bald One’s workspace netted us two wine cabinets. We also scored two barstools to replace the scary-tippy ones in the guitar room office, a bookseller’s shelf thing for the front door area and a few other little things. Excellent score.

This was a few weeks ago, and I’m just getting to the point where I’m happy with what we’ve got set up. The wine cabinets are placed on the one long wall in our dining room and hold much of our crystal and one keeps our wine while the other corrals our liquor. This has helped free up some of the space in our kitchen cabinets (removing the insane amount of drink holders) and given us an idea of how our wall would look with a bar-height wall of cabinetry. I think if we could stay here longer than Kid 2.0, we’d have the cabinetry on our fix list. I’m not sure it’ll make it because while we’d like it, it would nix anyone who had a formal buffet from thinking about our house as their house.

It’s a little odd thinking about the fact that we’ve been in our house for over eighteen months and coming to the startling realization that this isn’t going to be ours forever. Granted, we haven’t even started on Kid 1.0, so we’re going to be here for quite some time yet. The thing is, I can see how wonderful it would be to stay here for a long time. I love our neighborhood – I can walk a mile and pass tennis courts, a soccer field, a few baseball diamonds and do it mostly on tree-lined streets. I bike to a coffeehouse, pool, drug store or a nearby lake. We walked to said lake for fireworks over the Fourth.

At the same time, I know I want to finish rehabbing the yard. The Berber carpeting is growing on me. The stairs separating the living area from our bedroom from the office/guest space is something I’ve grown so accustomed to, I can’t imagine not having some kind of similar divide the next time I look. The kitchen which felt small feels very open with the bar to the dining room.

I’m cleaning and fussing today, waiting for the weather to cool a bit so I can weed and trim the dead hostas. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying fussing at my daily living space to flow better and clear out little pieces of clutter. There’s projects to finish and clear up other messes and make this all-to-brief sojourn more comfortable.


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