Posted by: raesalley | July 20, 2008

The search continues

I’m procrastinating, and I know it.

There’s Cristobal sitting off the coast, which brings random bands of rain through the area. Yesterday, despite the Bald One and I both got drenched during the day while he was at work yet Nikolai was quite fine between the two of us. We enjoyed a lovely cookout at his place before inviting everyone to our place to kill the growler of porter from the AleWerks. All were happy and craziness abounded until wee small hours.

On weekends, I try to do things I have no desire to do during the week – clean the house and work in the yard. I haven’t been able to work in the yard for several weeks now. As it finally cooled off enough to work outside, it started to pour. Darn weather. I’m hoping it doesn’t do that again today, so I can sic the Bald One on the yard tomorrow.

Also on the procrastination list is getting information into a database. I should do it, I brought things home so I could. The database I need to access I can get to from home, so I don’t even have to go in to work. It would allow me to sleep better. But I just can’t seem to convince myself to pull the paperwork out and start typing. Instead, I’m here.

Kitchen stitch Uploaded 7/20

Part of my procrastination involved a trip to Target. Still no luck on the Wii Fit, but at least I tried. I’m fully aware if I’m really after it I should get up early and camp out…but I’m not that dedicated to the search. I needed to go to Target anyway because I need to deal with my craft area and do something to make it work better. I bought some storage bin type things and some labels. Also purchased was corkboard to help corral my necklaces in the bedroom. So I’ll probably play in there for quite some time and try to organize the projects I need to finish so they stop wasting space. This one is already done…it’s going on my apron.


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